“My cover is blown! I repeat! My cover is blown!” Ian yelled into his wristwatch microphone.

“Do you have the drive?” Wesley asked from the other side of the radio.

“Affirmative. But, I have too many tangos on my tail to keep it for long” Ian responded with an urgency in his voice.

He slammed the rusty door leading to the alleyway open. Pointing the pistol that he had left and right, Ian cleared the alley making sure no more enemies were present.

A loud pop went off behind Ian. His lower right side burned like somebody jammed a hot poker into his flesh. Before reacting to the fresh wound, he swung around and immediately shot the man behind him. Two bullets. One in the chest. The next one in the head. Ian reached down to his side and felt the bullet hole. There were two. One in his back and the other on his front. The wound was through and through. That would mean an easier patch up job later. Less digging with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Ian spoke into his wristwatch again. “I need an exit.”

He kept his head on a swivel watching both sides of the alley and any doors. He quickly glanced up the building he just exited to make sure nobody was trying to aim a gun at him from above.

“Eagle Eye! I need an exit!” He waited for a few more moments. Still no response. That only meant one thing. His partner was down.

The steel door that he came through earlier bursted open. Ian quickly fired another two rounds and another enemy was down. Realizing that staying in his current position would only end up in his death, Ian started to sprint down the alley towards the main street. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a flip phone. He dialed a phone number that he had engrained in his memory. He always prayed that he would never have to use the number.

“Hello, operator” the calm, female voice on the other end of the line answered.

“Code red. Agent ID 0568392. My partner is down. I have the package but I need an evac.” Ian said in clear, concise sentences as he scanned the busy street ahead of him.

“Hold, please.” The operator responded.

Ian saw an abandoned SUV parked on the side of the street with the driver side door open. Somebody had just left it moments ago. He ran into the SUV and pulled the door shut. Outside a man screamed at him. Ian looked to see if it was another enemy. It was just the angry owner of the vehicle. He slammed on the passenger side window but it was too late.

Ian gunned the throttle and floored it away from the building. He kept the cell phone pressed to his ear the entire time and still no response from the operator. He glanced up in the rear view mirror and saw two unmarked, black SUVs quickly catching up to him. Based off their speed and jerky movements in and out of traffic, it was clear Ian was being followed.

Weaving in and out of traffic, Ian finally heard a voice come through the phone again.

“Agent. Are you still there?” the operator asked in the same calm tone.

“Affirmative.” Ian responded while watching the SUVs behind him inch even closer.

“Are you being followed?” the operator continued with her questions.

“Yes. I have two tangos on my tail as we speak.” Ian replied. The followers were even closer.

“I need you to lose them. Then proceed to extraction point bravo. Ensure that you are not being followed.” She replied this time with a very affirmative tone instead of a calm tone as before.

“Copy that.” Ian flicked the phone shut and threw it onto the passenger seat next to his gun.

The pursuers were finally right behind him. One of them nudged into his bumper. Ian gripped the steering wheel to keep control of his vehicle. The second follower’s car pulled up alongside the passenger side of Ian’s car. The passenger side window exploded into a million pieces and a bullet lodged itself in the frame next to Ian’s head. Ian reached for the gun on the passenger seat but missed when the first pursuer that nudged him violently slammed into the rear of Ian’s car at full speed. The gun flew down below the passenger seat. Ian reached for it with a quick lunge but missed. He pulled himself back upright and jerked the steering wheel to the left to avoid a car in front of him.

He glanced around and didn’t see any more threats this time. The pursuers dropped away just as fast as they had crept up on his tail. Ian reached for his phone but realized that it was on the floor just like his gun. He looked ahead and noticed that the road ahead of him was clear. While keeping a hand on the wheel, he reached for the phone and finally grabbed it. He flicked it open and dialed the operator again.

“I think I’m cl…” A loud crash cut Ian off before he could finish his sentence. Every window of the vehicle shattered as a large semi truck slammed into the driver side of the car. Ian blacked out for a brief moment before coming to. His vision was blurred from the impact. The lights on his dash all melded together in a single blob. The lights outside the window meshed together and formed several bright blobs. He blinked his eyes to try and uncloud his eyesight. He patted around for his phone but couldn’t find it. His gun was missing too. Suddenly, a pang of adrenaline hit him. The drive that he was instructed to recover was gone too. He looked outside the car and noticed the semi was empty. Ian was never known to panic on an op. But, today was different.

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