Julie peeled off the covers and willed herself out of bed. Last night was rough. The annual company party took a toll on her system and her body was certainly paying for it today. She walked into the bathroom and pulled the faucet open. Splashing cold water onto her face, she started to finally come to her senses. The bags under her eyes caught her attention in the mirror. She squinted and thought about what day today was. Crap. Weigh-in day.

The dreaded weigh-in day. For the past year, Julie was on a diet that slowly made progress but it always felt like she was going backwards. Today was definitely going to be two steps back.

Julie stepped up onto her scale for her weekly struggle. She closed her eyes and scrunched her face. She wasn’t much of a praying woman. But today, that was entirely different. Finally, she had enough willpower. She looked down. Holy shit.

Eight pounds?! How did she gain eight pounds in one week? This can’t be right!

She leapt off the scale and let the digital display reset itself. It flashed all clear. Then, she tiptoed back onto the scale. Maybe if she was gentle, it wouldn’t reflect the damage the damage that was already done. She slowly lowered her weight onto the scale and watched the number creep up. And then, it landed on the exact same number as last time. Crap.

Julie walked back to her bedroom and grabbed her phone off the bedside table. She logged her weight and read the condescending message that was supposed to sound inspirational.

“What happened? Hopefully this week will be better!” her phone nagged her.

She frowned and decided that she was going to go for a walk. Maybe even a jog. That would surely burn off some of this weight, right? She slouched her way back to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and combed her hair. She stripped her night shirt off and grabbed the running gear for today.

Walking down the stairs of her apartment, Julie could swear that she felt the extra eight pounds. This had to be some kind of bad dream. She made it to the front door and pushed it open. The fresh city air hit her nose and burned. Maybe fresh wasn’t the right word for it. But, this was as fresh as it got for Julie.

Stepping outside, she stretched her legs a little and loosened up the rest of her body. Maybe the run could help from the damage done last night at the party too. Hopefully her head wouldn’t feel any worse than it did when she lifted it from her pillow this morning.

She took a long gulp from her water bottle in her hand and then started the jog. Running down the city street, Julie could quickly feel the sweat gathering on her brow. Her lungs started to burn after only a minute into the jog. Holy crap. This was going to suck. But, she kept powering on. It worked all the weeks before and it was going to work again. Running and making sure that she didn’t make any more food mistakes again.

That’s when her worst nightmare happened. Why didn’t she take the right two blocks earlier? She knew better than to do this. But, it was too late now. She was running past her donut shop. Not the standard chain donut shops. No. This was much better. The gourmet shop with the crullers that melt in her mouth. It used to be heaven on earth. Now, after doing this diet, it quickly became the bane of her existence.

As she kept running closer towards the shop, she could smell the tantalizing sweet scent hanging in the air. Oh man, did it smell so good. Her mouth started to water. This was definitely going to be torture. Right before she gave into her donut desire, a taxi cab raced by and filled her nose with the putrid smell of hot exhaust. This was probably the first time in Julie’s life that she was thankful for a taxi doing that to her. The donuts were out of her nose and her mind was back on the run.

That is, until she was right in front of the shop. From the outside it didn’t look like much. The shop didn’t even have a sign on top of the building. It was simply painted letters on the windows at the front of the shop. Behind those windows sat a case of the sweet morsels that Julie’s body craved so badly right now. Julie glanced over and that was another mistake. The bright colors of all the different types of frostings lured her in.

Oh no. Julie was done for. A lady was sitting on one of the wooden tables that were perched outside of the shop. A bouquet of pink flowers caught Julie’s eye originally. Then, her eyes drifted down to the pink nails on the lady reading her book at the table. Then, there it was. a cruller was gently pinched between the lady’s fingers.

Julie licked her lips and her stomach started to growl. She slowed her jog down to a brisk walk and then to a screeching halt. She stared at the donut for an awkward length of time and then averted her eyes to the shop. Maybe one donut? It was breakfast time after all. And, she didn’t eat lunch yet. How bad could it possibly be? It couldn’t be as bad as last night. The food just never ended last night. At the time, it felt so right. Now, she was paying for it. Julie walked up to the front door and placed her hand on the handle.

No! She couldn’t give in. It’s the same thing that happened last night. Nope. It was time to get her body back to normal. She glanced at the cruller with sorrow then smiled as she continued her jog away

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