Trevor ran for what felt like hours before finally coming to a stop. He looked around at his surroundings to figure out where he was. The whole trip felt like a blur to him. His heart rate kept at the same nervous throbbing pace as he realized where he was. It was the old abandoned apartment complex that was at least thirty miles outside of town. Paint chips drifted off the walls as the air disturbed them for the first time in years. Trevor shuffled his feet on the tile floor and kicked aside the chips of plaster, paint, and dust. He looked down at his watch.

That couldn’t be right. He flicked his watch to make sure all of the hands were moving properly. The second hand ticked on at it’s usual rate. Trevor reached into his backpack and pulled out his phone. The time synced up with what his watch was telling him. His heart rate still didn’t slow down. In fact, it now started to beat even faster because of the realization that was dawning on him. Trevor just ran at least thirty miles in about just under two and a half minutes.

He quickly shuffled outside and looked at the landscape. It’s exactly where he thought he was. But, there was no way that this was actually happening. There was no way that he could possibly run that fast. He did some quick mental mathematics and figured that he had to be running just about as fast as a speeding bullet. His eyes popped as the realization officially dawned on him. He actually did run that fast.

The next question was ‘How?’

It had to have been because of Fred and Tommy. They were the typical bullies at school. Trevor never thought that the bullies that were always shown in movies and TV shows could possibly exist in real life. Yet, Fred and Tommy always prowled the halls and would beat up unsuspecting freshman. Today was Trevor’s unlucky day.

Earlier, Trevor was walking down the hall between his algebra and english classes when he saw the duo round the corner and snicker as they saw Trevor all alone. They marched down the hall towards him and Trevor tried his best to not make eye contact or acknowledge the pair at all. He looked down at his watch and noted the time. As he kept walking towards the two, he could feel their presence looming without even looking up. Suddenly, one of them bumped into his shoulder hard.

Trevor was knocked off balance and stumbled backwards into the old, white cinderblock wall. Before he even got a chance to see which one of the two bumped into him, he felt a massive dull pain in his right side. He looked down and noticed a fist being pulled away from his abdomen. This was it. This was the day Trevor was finally going to get the crap kicked out of him.

Trevor closed his eyes and hoped that it wouldn’t be as bad if he didn’t fight back. He felt a hand clamp around his wrist so that he couldn’t run. Then, another blow was dealt. This time into his stomach. He felt all the air leave his chest. Trevor’s lungs burned as they struggled for air and he felt his diaphragm spasm as it tried to maintain order in his body. That was quickly defeated by yet another blow to his gut.

After another blow was delivered to his chest, Trevor knew that this was not going to end anytime soon. He had no chance to fight back against the attackers that towered over him. The only option left was simple: run.

Trevor twisted his arm to free it from Tommy’s grip. At first it felt impossible, then he felt his hand just barely begin to slip free from Tommy’s grasp. As he twisted more and more, his hand loosened its way out of the pin. Within seconds, he was free.

Trevor knew he didn’t have much time. He used all of his strength to barge past the two attackers. He felt the bruises that were already beginning to form ache as they crushed against the bodies of the bullies. Now, he ran. Trevor ran as fast as he possibly could. His legs burned as he made it down the hall. Before rounding the corner, he looked back and noticed Tommy and Fred standing still, frozen in the same stances that he left them in. Trevor thought they must have been stunned that he was getting away. But, Trevor didn’t care. He knew if he waited, they would just continue after him and dish out more of a beating.

So, he ran. He ran down the hall, past the corner, down the stairs to the first floor, through the main hall and out the front door of the school. Then, he was on the old winding road that led up to the school. Beyond that, everything was a blur. Trevor couldn’t remember the rest of the journey at all.

But, that didn’t matter. What mattered to Trevor right now was just how fast he ran that journey. He thought back to the stunned bullies. Maybe they weren’t stunned. Maybe he was just moving that fast. Trevor’s mouth went from his jaw hanging open to a wide grin. He looked down at his feet and chuckled. The only thing that made sense to explain all this was that he had to be a super human! This was his origin story! Now, only one thought occupied his mind.

Could he repeat it?

He walked out of the apartment and onto the street. He looked down the road that stretched for miles with no cars in sight. Trevor took a deep breath and started off at a slow jog.

He sped up more and more.

Soon, the trees were whizzing past him.

The lines on the street faded into a solid white blur and his smile grew wider and wider.

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